Toast and Jelly…fish?

No, I’m not eating jellyfish, but I’m not accustomed to seeing them during my morning walk with my dog on the Embarcadero as I did this morning. I know that there are jellyfish along the coast and in (and out) of the bay, but I didn’t expect to see them gently drifting up and down in the tides so close to the piers along the sidewalk.

I still experience a thrill when I see wildlife at an unexpected time or in an unexpected place. I’ve done this particular walk, extending out onto the vacant Pier 32, many times and have seen numerous sea birds and seals, but this is the first time I’ve seen jellyfish drifting along. At first, I was drawn to areas of bubbles emerging to the surface–i’m not sure what was producing them. [I know that jellyfish absorb oxygen and expell carbon dioxide through diffusion, but I didn’t think that produced many bubbles. Were the jellyfish feeding (slowly)? Was something feeding on the jellyfish?]

Anyway, the naturalist in me compelled me to stay and watch, which is what ultimately lead to me observing the jellyfish (and the above video). I’m thinking it was a sea nettle?

Here are some great resources to learn a bit more about jellyfish:

A short but captivating experience reming me of the power of nature to calm and relax! Be sure to check out the Jelly Cam link!

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