About Alan

[ACSO Conference, 2017]

Currently a Managing Director responsible for equity index investments at BlackRock, Alan’s first career ambitions all involved music.  Alan studied music education, oboe performance and academic studies in historical musicology and ethnomusicology.   Today, Alan serves as a board member of the League of American Orchestras and has previously served on local and regional classical music boards.  Through his non-profit work, Alan seeks to inspire leaders of classical music organizations to keep music education vibrant in an era of limited public funding for the arts in our schools.  An OUT LGBT executive with strong interest in developing the human capital of organizations, Alan also seeks to inspire new levels of diversity and inclusion in asset management and in the classical music non-profit sphere.   

As an oboist, I have sounded the “A” many times to help orchestras tune before a concert. Today, I advocate through non-profit board work for greater inclusion and transformative leadership in classical music organizations.  I hope that by playing this current note I inspire those of us who understand the power of classical music to touch lives and connect communities to play in tune together, collaborating harmoniously to imagine the future of this art form in an ever-changing world.

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