Short Mindful, Benefits

A couple of recent studies about mindfulness meditation suggest “even a very small ‘dose’ can have beneficial effects in individuals with very little or no practice.” Meaning that even people who don’t meditate regularly can benefit from even one short session of mindfulness meditation.ocean-stone-pyramid-on-beach-fotolia_94897402_subscription_monthly_m.jpg

The suggestion is not that short, irregular meditation is preferable but that any meditation can be a benefit. There are also previous studies that point to the benefits of regular meditation.

I’m not regular enough about when I do it, but I try to be consistent about inserting meditative moments throughout my day. Some of the best practices start with sincere intention that build on even occasional meditation sessions.

Set an intention to make an opportunity to meditate soon! An audio of a guided meditation session might be a real asset to you. The version that works best can be a personal preference, so try a few out—you can find them through a web search, or in your online audio file source (like iTunes) including podcast sources, or even in app stores.

Read the full study.

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