Find some dirt

muir 2018

This quote from John Muir summarizes my perspective for the coming year, not only because it urges us to get into nature more, but also because it suggests that dirt can offer a rewarding and engaging experience.  Too often, too much, we expect neat, clean and orderly experiences.  Impossible to achieve all of the time, misleading much of the time, seeking to be always orderly and predictable can be far too limiting. This New Year’s Eve, I will be looking to release blocks that accumulated during 2017 and establish positive intentions for the coming year. I find great personal satisfaction in tying these to simple rituals involving the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Purge and cleanse with fire and water; establish intentions with earth—tie them all together through the cohesion of all four.  Make the transition from one year to the next significant and important in a way that is meaningful. Start the year with intentions that will focus action in a compelling and powerful way. Happy New Year!

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