KC Armstrong -1It is really fascinating how news about the environment gets reported. For example, Oxford University just competed a “working paper,” Stranded Carbon Assets and Negative Emissions Technologies, that explored ways to deals with carbon gasses in the atmosphere. A very engaging (if dry) analysis of several/many possible approaches to offsetting or decreasing greenhouse gases in the environment.  Essentially they pointed out that something needs to be done to buy some time and mitigate some of the worst possible outcomes to try and stave off very horrendous outcomes for the planet…and us.  They propose that trees are the most cost effective approach and suggest we start planting massive numbers of trees.  This because a news report about the joy & importance of trees, and their potential role in saving us from ourselves.  I read the report as something a bit more ominous–a warning of impending catastrophe and an urging that we are quite threatened by the massive build-up of carbon in the atmosphere.  Yes, trees are remarkable, and it’s satisfying to confirm that something so beautiful and simple makes a huge difference in the human experience on the globe…but haven’t we known that for awhile? And isn’t the suggestion to “buy some time” to solve the problem of greenhouse gases a bit less urgent that it should be?  Anyway–it IS an interesting study to review…online, to save trees…oh, and Arbor Day is Friday, April 24, 2015.

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